10 Questions

Feel free to answer these questions and send your responses to me at – noahbick@gmail.com

1. Do you use emoticons?
2. Do you sext? Do you feel as though the sexting phenomenon is being blown out of proportion? Why?
3. Do you think our generation’s heavy use of cell phones as mediators in romantic relationships is going to have positive or negative repercussions? Why?
4. Do you think that there is an unwritten rulebook for cell phone etiquette?
5. Are you more comfortable saying certain things by phone or text than you are in person?
6. What would you never say in a text early in a relationship? Do you find yourself sending more positive than negative messages? Why?
7. Do you find it easier to be affectionate or negative in a text message? Why?
8. How do you feel about emoticons? Why?
9. Have you ever broken up with someone by way of a text? Have you ever been broken up with by way of a text?
10. What are some ways we can educate youth and adults about using cell phones in romantic relationships?


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